Top 5 traits that differentiate Moon Textile printed lawn suits from other brands

Moon Textile are the makers of some of the top lawn products, you can contact them for anything clothing related. One of the most important parts of summer is the shopping sprees. The ladies go full out trying to find the perfect lawn dresses that will help them fight the heat in style. There are many brands out there that claim to offer good quality lawn salwar kameez yet few that you can be trusted. The test of lawn suit is how well it wears. At Moon Textile, we are proud to be offering you products that can stand these tests. The good quality of Moon Textile lawn suits is guaranteed and they are in fact a class apart from typical lawn brands. So what are some of these traits that set them apart?

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1.     Fabric Quality

The quality of the fabric that is used for Moon Textile lawn suits is excellent.  It has a luxurious feel that is soft and yet not at all flimsy. At the same time, the fabric is tough and is not likely to wear out for many years, no matter what kind of hard use you put it to. Bad quality fabric can completely ruin an otherwise stylish salwar kameez, and that is why you need to steer clear of it. Opt instead for Moon Textile clothing and the beautiful lawn fabric won’t let you down.

2.     Print Quality

Prints are the first thing that you notice in a lawn dress. You want to search out a print that is not only beautiful but is of great quality as well, meaning that the colors are sharp and bright, and the print itself is crisp and clean. Moon Textile Industries uses the best quality printing equipment to ensure that our prints are the best quality you can find out there. These prints are won’t fade or be spoiled in any way like most other low quality prints available in the market these days, which makes them the best option for you if quality is what you are looking for.

3.     Unique and Trendy Designing

The designing is what gives a salwar kameez its complete personality. A bad design style, or something that is out of fashion, can ruin the entire look of a salwar kameez. On the other hand a good design will ensure that all eyes are fixed on you in envy. That is why we pay the fullest attention to creating designs that are not only beautiful, but trendy and fashionable.

4.     Reasonable Prices

So, sure you can get a good quality dress for about 10k, but do we all have that much money to dish out on dresses every day? Hardly. You need to look for something that is hardy, longwearing and fashionable, and yet won’t empty out your bank account. That is where Moon Textile comes in. We provide all of the top qualities in our salwar kameez, but our prices are reasonable enough that you can happily afford them. Who said you have to sacrifice style for the sake of the wallet?

5.     Availability throughout Pakistan

The availability problem of different brands is a problem that is faced by many people all over Pakistan. There might be something perfect out there to suit your needs, but when you want to get it, it turns out that it is not available in your area or your city. Moon Textile looks to eliminate this basic problem. Are products are available throughout Pakistan no matter where you live. If you can’t find a shop near you, then you can simply go online and order a lawn suit and will find it arriving at your doorstep, no matter where you live in Pakistan.


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Economical Prices and Top Colour Combinations are the Major Traits of Moon Textiles Lawn Suits

Moon Textile is a brand that holds something for everyone out there (you can contact them here). Whether you are young or old, rich or modest, like to dress a bit formally or casually, we have your exact fix here at Moon Textile. Our lawn salwar kameez suits are the embodiment of the unique and fantastic Pakistani culture and tradition. Not only that, but we also take care to create stylish and trendy clothing that will keep the fashionista in you happy with all its flairs. Our designers keep in touch with all the latest Pakistani fashions and visit various fashion shows for inspiration for new designs for the Moon Textile brands. These designs are highly popular for this reason. Another great reason for their popularity is the high quality stuff you get without breaking your bank. Usually for such vibrant colours and fabric quality, you would have to pay exorbitantly high fees, but with Moon Textile you can buy fabric of amazing and beautiful quality in an affordable price according to your wishes. This fabric has sharp vibrant colours that do not fade with time and the material is very durable as well so that it can last a lot of wear and tear without looking worn out.

These are great reasons to opt for Moon Textile to adorn your summer wardrobes and are the signature traits of this brand. You cannot find any other brand out there that can provide such amazing quality of fabric and prints and yet keep the price point range so low as to be within the affordable range of the average middle class Pakistani family.

Our prints and colour combinations have no parallel in the industry. We use top quality printing and dyeing equipment and guarantee top notch results that will last. You can shop our collection at www.faisalabadfabricstore.com and buy your own choice of salwar kameez in the colour and print of your own choice.

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