Buy Cotton Lawn Fabric Wholesale In Attractive Price

Cotton Lawn is a featherweight, breathable fabric having very smooth texture. This fabric is used in making lightweight tops, trousers, dresses and skirts that are loved by people in the summer. Moon Textile is the manufacture of Cotton lawn fabric having more than 30 years of experience. Moon manufactures other fabrics as well but cotton lawn is its expertise. Manufacturing 100% cotton lawn with high thread count that has almost a silk like feel to it.


Moon manufactures and exports cotton lawn all over the world, catering all types of customers. As a textile unit Moon has the capacity to meet all type of bulk orders. Starting as small as 10 Pcs/box as stitched and unstitched suits going up a container of fabric. Currently Moon has 10 Pcs, 30 Pcs, 50 Pcs, 70 Pcs and 100 Pcs/box in suit cutting for unstitched and stitched women dresses. The fabric is sold in bulk as a whole without cutting with MOQ of 30,000 Meters or a Container. The price of suit depends of the quantity you purchase. Price of suit in 30Pcs/Box will be less when compared to price of suit in 10 Pcs/Box. Stitched suit price is very competitive, as having our own unit for stitching and minimizing waste, we offer very low stich suit price. Similarly, price of suit when purchased as fabric will be less than price of suit when purchased in cutting. Overall Moon offers very attractive prices for wholesale lawn suits. Top quality Replica lawn wholesale is also available with us.

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The suits and fabrics manufactured by us are exported to Africa, UAE, Saudia, India and Bangladesh in huge quantity. If you are an importer of stitched, unstitched dresses or fabric and looking for a low price reliable manufacturer and supplier of cotton lawn fabric, Contact us. Our prices are low but we b=never compromise on quality and we have awesome customer service department. We are selling to boutique owners, wholesale suppliers, importers, small shop owners and households. Pakistani lawn suits wholesale prices are very hostile they adjust according to demand, season and supply every day. You will find a different price of same fabric across one season but Moon has a strict policy of fixed low price, we sell on a single price throughout complete season. Lawn cotton suits wholesale prices vary from 650PKR to 950PKR depending on quality and quantity of suit.

For detail visit our Website or Facebook page. Put your inquiry for the wholesale lawn suits either in Printed Lawn Three Piece Suits or Embroidered Three Piece Suits, please email us at moontextile.1@gmail.com, Whatsapp on 0092-332-6892363.



Contact Us on Skype: ejaz998 or Whatsapp: +923326892363

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