BarKha Chiffon Design No 1113

A Small Briefing About The Design No 1113 By Moon Textile Out Of Our Summer Lawn Collection For The Year 2014

D-1113 is available in two bright and refreshing shades i.e. orange and turquoise.

Barkha Chiffon By Moon textile

A cool Design Of Barkha Chiffon

The shirt has two patterns so that any side can be made as front or back.
One side has got small dots like motifs forming the base and a colorful geometric pattern below the neckline.

The other side of the shirt is a combination of geometric and abstract patterns. Printed panels are also present on the shirt with geometrical motifs adding to the beauty of the shirt. The sleeves have the same somber pattern on the base.

The dupatta has got a huge diamond shaped pattern in the middle. The borders of the dupatta are marked by plain stripes. It is a remarkable suit for the ladies who like class and yet want to be different. The suits are provided with a plain matching trousers that increase the elegance and give a boost to the sophisticated look of the suit.


Barkha Chiffon Design No 1112

General Overview About The Design No 1112 Of Our Barkha Chiffon Out Of Our latest Summer Collection For The Year 2014

D-1112 is available in two color combinations i.e. turquoise and bright pink.

Barkha Chiffon By Moon textile

Lovely Barkha Chiffon Designs By Moon Textile

There are two different design patterns on the shirt leaving it to the choice of the customer as to which side they want as front or back.
One side has miniature patterns as the base with a floral pattern in the bottom of the shirt. On the other hand the other side is mixture of geometric pattern plus floral designs.
The motif below the neckline has got a rectangular pattern while below it emanates a full floral pattern covering the whole shirt.
The sleeves are in two shades with a light self print like pattern forming the base while floral motif is present on the sleeve border.
The dupatta has got a geometric pattern resembling rectangular shapes in bright colors that leaves a very artistic impression.
The suit is provided with plain matching trousers. Overall it is a graceful suit for women of all ages.