Batik Fabric By Moon Textile(Pvt)Ltd

Batik fabric is presenting village arts for the countries of Malaysia and Indonesia since centuries ago.

The designing of the batik designs is extremely sensitive process and need very special skill

Moon textile pvt limited is highly impressed with this old fabric designing with the virtue of handmade technology.

As we all aware that in good old days batik designs generally considered as Hand made with the help of wax printing and hot water coloring. To intact the previous cultural changes the moon textile A awesome design in batik lawn voile by converted that art into the modern way by using the rotary machine with effective dyed and designing process.

Look at some designs

Moon textile

Moon textile

A lovely option in Batik

Moon textile

A awesome design in batik lawn voile

Moon textile

Nicely Designed Batik Fabric

A soft supple fabric Printed Design

A soft supple fabric Printed Design

Moon textile

A smooth and cool design by moon textile

Well the batik fabric is now a day’s not only using by the stitched suiting for the women but this art panels provide quilters, crafts and home sewers and also now the people using this batik art for the interior designing


Whole Sale Batik Fabric/ Batik Fabric manufactures

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Please check out our designs in Batik lawn which give you the idea about our state of art technology

Moon Textile pvt limited

A Beautiful design in Batik lawn

Moon textiles

The most beautiful design

Moon textile pvt limited

The best batik fabric lawn design