Sohni Lawn Design No 107

A detial Briefing About Sohni Lawn Design No 107 Out of Our latest Summer lawn Collection For the year 2014

Design 107 is a treat for those who admire ethnic touch in the clothes. A funky colorful design resembling the traditional chunri print available in three colors yellow, hot pink, and black with multicolor design pattern is bound to attract women of all ages and backgrounds.

Sohni Lawn By Moon textiles

Lovely Design By Moon Textiles Sohni Lawn

Sohni Lawn By Moon Textile

Another Super Design In Our Sohni Label collection

The main design pattern is inspired from the ethnic chunri design print of the sub continent which comprises of circles of various sizes against funky colors. The base of the shirt has got chunri resembling motifs while the neckline boasts at a large floral design pattern. Similar pattern is present on the back of the shirt as well with the border having a single stripe. The dominant design colors are mauve, orange, pink turquoise and yellow which are both lively and vibrant. These are sure to create a refreshing effect on the person wearing them.

The base of the shirt is plain with small circular patterns present on tit while the sends of the sleeves have got the chunri pattern.

Plain trouser is provided which matches with the print on the shirt and adds to the beauty of the shirt.

The dupatta or scarf has the same large colorful chunri print giving the impression of the rainbow. A stripe comprising of floral patterns marks the two sides of the border.

To prevent the durability of the shirt it is recommended that the clothes are not exposed to direct sunlight and use of stain removing chemicals are avoided.


Design No 106 Sohni Lawn

A Focused Brief Over The Design No 106

Design 106 is a perfect symmetrical piece for those who are fond of abstract designs.It is one the beautiful lawn print collection for the year 2014 by moon textile This is a unique and artistic combination of abstract symmetrical shapes against a floral background. The three piece lawn suit is available in three colors black peach, pink and red.

The shirt has got a printed pattern along the neckline. The main dominant pattern is a block motif which is present both at the front and at the back. The shirt has also got printed panels which are adjusted on the sides of the shirt. Stripes are present on the border of the shirt. There are two stripes one comprising of symmetrical pattern while the other a floral one. The back of the shirt has also got the same blocks pattern as present on the front. The consumer may use it either as front or back side.

The base of the sleeves has the same floral pattern as the shirt while the main design consist of vertical and horizontal stripes.

Plain trousers are provided with the suit, which are of the same color as the design present on the shirt and complement the whole suit.

Dupatta or scarf of lawn is provided which sports horizontal symmetrical stripes.

Consumers are advised to abstain from the use of stain removing chemicals and soaking the cloth in hot water for washing.

Sohni lawn

faboulus design of sohni

Sohni lawn design

beautiful design by sohni lawn

sohni lawn 106

great printed fabric

sohni lawn

great printed fabric