1. How do I pay Cash on Delivery (COD)?

For transactions upto 25000, you can pay through Cash on Delivery (COD).

  1. Are there any additional charges for cash on delivery?

There are no additional charges for Cash on Delivery.

  1. In how many destinations is this service available?

The COD service is only available in Pakistan.

  1. Do shipping charges vary with the weight of the order?

Yes, the cost of shipping increases with the weight of the order. For international shipping rates, please email us at moontextile.1@gmail.com.

  1. How many times will the courier agent attempt to deliver my order in case I am unavailable to receive it?

Courier will make two attempts to deliver a parcel. Kindly ensure that the address, country and area code is mentioned clearly while placing an order. On the second failed attempt, the item will be sent back to us.

  1. What is the delivery time?

Order delivery takes 3-5 days working days, depending on the size of shipment. Orders are processed before 2 PM on a working day and are generally scheduled for dispatch on same working day.

  1. What could be the reasons of delayed delivery of my order?

There may be some security risk, weather condition development or parcel is misplaced by courier in these situations courier cannot proceed. You will face delay then.

  1. What are the delivery charges?

Shipping charges depend on the delivery location and package weight.

  1. How do I check the delivery status?

All items sold on Moontextile.com are delivered through leopards courier service. You will be provided a Tracking ID for your order through email that you can use to track your order.

  1. How shall I make a payment?

Following are the payment options available for your convenience:

  • Cash On Delivery (COD)


  1. Can I make payment in cash?

Yes. Our Cash On Delivery (COD) service enables you to do that.

  1. Does the price of the order include shipping?

No shipping charges are separate. The final payment charged will include shipping charges.

  1. Is every item eligible for international shipping?

Yes, all items available on our website are shipped both locally and internationally.

  1. How much time do you take to ship internationally?

It normally takes us 2-3 working days to dispatch international orders.